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How to choose property for sale?

Choosing to buy a home is one of the most important decisions that you could make. Not only will this purchase be the largest of your life but it will be a decision that you must live with for years to come. Navigating the waters of home ownership can be treacherous and very daunting. Along the way, knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask will make all the difference.  You can choose to buy directly from private or go through real estate agents listings. As you search for homes for sale in Cameroon do not hesitate to contact us with requests and advices on property price valuation, title deeds and location.

What should you look for before you buy?

There are many things that a prospective buyer needs to know before finishing the search for homes for sale in Cameroon. It is always important that you take the time to pre-approve for a home loan or work out your budget. The majority of buyers will be forced to secure a loan for their purchase and this process can take weeks and sometimes longer. Pre-approved home loan will let you know what you can afford. This step will save you time as you narrow your search for your next home.

Finally, always make sure to utilize every tool at your disposal. One of the most overlooked aspects is a great real estate attorney. Buying a home is a legal matter as well as a financial matter. Having the proper counsel will go a long way towards making sure both parties are satisfied. Take your time in the process and do not rush into your decision.

Why purchase property through an agent?

When a home is listed with a real estate agent the seller is responsible for paying the fees of both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. This can result in a much higher price for all parties involved. In order to avoid this, many people decide to try and sell their home all on their own. This can result in better prices for both parties. However, you must remember that you will not have the benefit of a trained agent that will serve as your liaison during the process.

There are many homes for sale in Cameroon. The market is always changing and there are new homes coming into the market every day. When buying a home that has been listed for sale by the owner this step is critical. The potential home might look great and there may not be any fears at all associated with this purchase. However, you can never be too safe. Having a professional to crawl around the home and inspect every aspect of the home could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Real estate agents are able to navigate the waters of home buying and they can help steer you towards the homes you are most interested in. They are also skilled at helping you spot potential issues. Buying a home that is not listed with an agent is not a bad option but it is one that will leave you to navigate the process all on your own.

Real estate agents are known for their connections within the industry, such as home inspectors and appraisers. Agents will also search city records to make sure the property does not have assessments or even liens attached. Without an agent, these options will be left at your feet and you will be required to do your proper due diligence.

What are Citéa Immo financing options?

Citéa Immo is mostly involved in selling properties and the company is NOT a financial institution, thus does really have financing plans as such. We sell properties that sellers put at our disposal and in most cases the property seller would like to be paid in full after closing the deal with potential buyers.

However, we at Citéa Immo understand that some purchasers may not have all the necessary funds in place when deciding to buy a property. This is often the case with fellow cameroonians living abroad. Therefore to make it easier to some qualifying customers, Citéa Immo may approve on case to case basis that some land lots be paid within a 12 months period when prospective buyers can afford and agree to pay a minimum deposit of 50% of the lot value.

Potential buyers may also approach and  apply for home loan at the Credit Foncier du Cameroon (CFC). The banks has put various financing schemes to help Cameroonians  buy property regardless of their place of residence, either locally or abroad. They are known to have financed many home loans for our previous clients.

In brief, Citéa Immo accepts the following payment options:

  1. Cash or bank transfer
  2. Getting a home loan from any local financial institution
  3. Payment of a minimum of 50% upfront and the remaining balance fully settled within 12 months divided on a minimum of equal amount unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please also note that land plots can be reserved for one month only. A non refundable fee of 100,000 Frs fee will apply.

Contact us for more information on how to reserve or to purchase land lots through us.

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